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•   Lisa Martin (Mitchell)  6/29
•   Cynthia Long (Ponce)  6/30
•   Ronald Thomas  6/30
•   Lisa Perry (Irby)  7/1
•   Robin Darr (Kennedy)  7/2
•   Stephanie Sivalls (Latimer)  7/3
•   Tammy Hunt (Huffman)  7/4
•   Beth King  7/6
•   Michelle Miller (Beach)  7/6
•   James Warton  7/6
•   Robert Harrold  7/9
•   Rodney Hand  7/10
•   Jack Cunningham  7/13
•   Cleve Simpson  7/13
•   Johnetta (Missy) White (Hawley)  7/13
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•   Melanie Laughery (Lindsey)  4/24
•   Milton Boyer  4/22
•   Kaye Frederick (Mauldin)  4/13
•   Lisa Perry (Irby)  4/12
•   Amber Dugan  2/27
•   Becky Hicks (Lucas)  2/4
•   Kim Beadle (Flanagan)  1/19
•   Julia VanNatta  11/2
•   Mary Ann Roskelley (White)  10/31
•   Gary Johnson  9/20
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 66.7%

A:   461   Joined
B:   230   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Any donations received here will be used to help out with reunion costs, future website upkeep, helping out a classmate in need, & donations to Permian Thank you!

Permian High School
Class Of 1980


Permian High School

Class Of 1980



Tino Akins, Brick & Sandra (Alexander) Roberts, Kevin Andrews,

Lisa Black Brooks, Sandy Bushong Nease, Jim Cunningham, Rick Fincher,

Suzanne Fletcher D'Amico, Mike Fowler, Rene Graves Owens, Rod Griffin, 

Sheila Hisaw Clark, Sondra Holguin Eoff, Melanie Laughery Lindsey,

Cindy Letcher Garner, Lori Lewis Dawson, Reynaldo Martinez, Julie Melton,

Lisa Ross Beggs, Greg & Danna (Sides) Thornton, Stephanie Sivalls Latimer,

Blaine Smith & Tonya Treat Houser

Thank you all for sponsoring the reunion and helping to keep our registration fees as low as possible.

A huge thank you to Sondra (Holguin) & Toby Eoff for their help with arrangements at the hotel.  Also, for bringing the Pictures Band to our reunion.  Everyone enjoyed them immensely! 

I'd like to thank Danna Sides Thornton for her never ending efforts (it was a long time in planning) to connect with and inform all of our Permian Class of 1980 Band Members about the reunion and to most of all encourage them to attend!  I wish I would have had all of the members of the band stand up at the reunion.  We had a good group there.

Kathy and I would like to thank each one of you that attended the reunion.  You make our efforts worthwhile and seeing everyone having a good time and reconnecting is what it is all about.  We were sad that so many still could not make it to the reunion, but our hope is that you will make the next one!

Thank you for the nice cards and the generous gift that you gave us that evening!

My apologies for the delay in thank you's and updating the page!  Like I said before, it was a long time in planning and it took a toll on me!  Once the reunion was over, I had to hit the ground running for football season and the athletics office at Permian. Then with the holidays, trips, my niece's wedding and everything in between I finally had some time to get caught up here.

We had a lot of people asking that night if we would have a 45 year reunion, I had to just get through this one first!  Our 50th will be a BIG DEAL, so I think we will wait for that one as far as a huge event. For our 45, we will try and put something together so we can all see each other, but not a paid event.

If you haven't uploaded photos from the reunion, please do so in our gallery.

We loved seeing each and every one of you and hope you had a great time! 

Looking forward to the 50th in 2030!


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Check out the photos from the previous reunions and the new message forum!


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