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•   Beth King  10/3
•   Michael Foster  10/2
•   Donna Tombs (Gabriel)  10/2
•   Ronald Thomas  10/1
•   Greg Cates  9/30
•   Gary Johnson  9/29
•   Danna Sides (Thornton)  8/25
•   Greg Thornton  8/25
•   Laurie Rueter (Reeter-Brown)  7/15
•   Andy Waits  5/16
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•   Lauren Autry (Lopez)  10/20
•   Kevin Foshee  10/20
•   Selena Steen (Dunn)  10/20
•   Natalie Warren  10/20
•   Lynne Kramer  10/21
•   Clint Golden  10/22
•   Kyle Hubbard  10/22
•   William Worster  10/22
•   Tracie Martin (Murray)  10/23
•   Karen Guidry (Olson)  10/24
•   Janice Miller (Marin)  10/24
•   Clay Kennedy  10/25
•   Keri Teegarden (Harrison)  10/25
•   Sherri Howell (Dugan)  10/28
•   Donna Tombs (Gabriel)  10/28
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After our 30 year reunion, I was able to pay for three years of subscription for this webpage. I plan to continue to pay for this page, but will gladly accept donations

Permian High School
Class Of 1980


Permian High School

Class Of 1980

40 Year Reunion


Hello all!

I hope all of you are doing well!  Just a few quick questions about our 40th (yes it will be 40 years soon) reunion.  I know it seems a long time off but it will again be here before we blink.  I was wondering if I can get some input as to what you would like to attend.  I want to go ahead and set the date so that we can all be planning ahead.  Maybe just maybe 4 years ahead of time will give everyone plenty of time to clear their calendars or at least get the reunion in there before your calendar fills up!

My question is how many of you would come to homecoming in the fall and the reunion in the summer (we will have it inside) or would you rather just have the reunion either in the fall at homecoming time or just in the summer.  I will create a poll and hopefully it won't be notifying you everytime someone gives their answer.  Be sure to go over to the Reunion times on the left to leave your answers. Remember to change your settings if you are unhappy with the amount of emails or notifications you are receiving.

I am now working at Permian as the Athletic secretary...a job that suits me well!  Ran into Kevin Andrews in Austin last weekend at Permian's first game.  It's always good to see fellow classmates!  Keep looking for our classmates and let them know about this website please.


NOTE:  If you are receiving too many emails from the website you can change your notifications by going to member functions and clicking on notify me....there you can opt out of all emails by checking the never box on each one. I strongly recommend that you keep the one checked that says emails from ADMIN.  I cannot access your notifications these are preset when you sign up, so please adjust them to your liking. I send out very few emails and this way you will still be notified about upcoming events. Thanks for your help and understanding. 




It's easy to create your profile:



1. Click on Classmates Profiles at the top left.

2. Find yourself on the list and click on your name.

3. Click on the link in the middle that says, "If you are xxxxx, please click here now to create your profile! "  to get going on your profile and account setup on this site.  Please supply your address and phone number so that we may contact you.

4.  The website sets the notifications automatically, so please go into the tab notify me after you create your profile and set your email preferences. 



Post some pictures too! 

Recommendation: make sure the box marked Profile Visibility is checked so that only other registered PHS Classmates can see your information.  See announcement below for more information.



 This website is managed by your classmates at no cost to can stop paying for the use of other sites!  We will maintain this site and keep it as up to date as possible but be patient with it will always be a work in progress.  

We will never give out  your information but to keep others from viewing your profile please follow the steps outlined below to insure your privacy concerning your account and profile.  Only registered classmates can see your profile information if you check the privacy box.

We will have up-to-date 2015 Reunion information, lots of memories (did you notice the picture of Permian? the circle drive is now gone!) and an easy way to keep up with classmates.  This is our permanent 1980 Class website so come back often to find out what plans have been made, who we've located and what everyone has been up to!   Come on ya'll don't be shy - let's see some of your shining some photos!  The senior photos have been added.  I will continue to look for pictures of the classmates that did not have a senior photo.

Check out the photos from the 25 year reunion and the new message forum!



You will from time to time receive an email from this site but we will try and keep it to a minimum.  We wanted a site that would be a private place for our classmates to reconnect and find out reunion information .  We also have a message board for communication.  Once you've registered, you and your classmates can contact each other directly using this site.

All classmates are considered missing until they have created an account on this site.  Your name will automatically be removed from the missing list after you have registered.  If you know how to contact one of our missing classmates, please encourage them to sign up here.  Also, if you don't see someone's name on the list please let us know.

Don't forget you can also post photos to your profile.

Click the "Contact Us" button if you have any questions or problems.

Although we are not charging anyone to use this site, we will accept donations.  Any donations received will only be used for our Class page or reunion needs.




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